A shocking video shows how a young woman saves a child for her knowledge in CPR

A shocking video shows how a young woman saves a child for her knowledge in CPR

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A car stops in the service area of Pal's Sudden Service (Bristol, Tennessee), a fast food place. Suddenly a woman gets out of the vehicle, opens the back door and takes a child out of her arms. The little one is unconscious. She runs up to the shop window and screams in fear: 'He's not breathing! Does anyone know how to do CPR? ' Then the miracle happens. A young woman runs out and heads like an arrow towards the little boy.

The employee who saves a child's life thanks to her knowledge in CPR

She is called Kaela Eads and she's only 18. Just that day a new shift began at this fast food place. Seeing the little boy, he had an instinct. He began to perform the CPR (or CPR) maneuvers that one day someone taught him at his Institute, when he was still studying high school. That day they explained to him that he had to mentally count to 30 while pressing with both hands in the area of ​​the heart. And then you had to make a stop to breathe air through your mouth ... Thirty compressions and two insufflations... In a rhythmic way, and without stopping, Kaela insisted and was performing the maneuver to the little one until the ambulance arrived.

The boy's mother couldn't believe it ... the young woman had saved his life! The boy, who arrived totally unconscious and with his eyes rolled, began to breathe again just before the ambulance arrived. They certified that Kaela's maneuver was correct.

The young woman went to visit the boy in the hospital. She was tremendously proud to have been able to help. The little one obviously found in the girl his particular guardian angel.

Kaela's story serves us once again to reflect ... Children learn mathematics, history and geography at school. That's very good. They are general knowledge. But ... What is more important than a life?

Members of Emergency Services, nurses, and physicians have shown interest many times in that First Aid is part of a school subject. In this way, all of us, as adults, would have that instinct that led Kaela to try to save that little one. And it is that you never know when you will find a situation like this.

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