Social values ​​that sport transmits to children

Social values ​​that sport transmits to children

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Values ​​can be defined as the characteristics that people possess and that help them to function better in the environment in which they find themselves. There are a large number of values ​​that are considered important for society and that can be found in the practice of sport. These can be grouped into two: personal values ​​and social values.

Sport, in addition to providing physical benefits, transmits ways of socializing and social skills that allow children to interact with their peers in a healthy way, these are the social values ​​that sport contributes. On our site we tell you which ones.

Social values ​​are the norms of conduct that regulate people's actions and their function is to guarantee harmony within coexistence. These types of values ​​focus on group relationships.

Among the main social values ​​are:

- Social responsability. Ability to abide by the rules and commitments among themselves within the group.

I respect. It is the ability to behave in a polite way in the face of the attitudes and thoughts of others, both with colleagues and with rivals. Also, keeping one's own convictions honestly.

- Concern for others. Known as solidarity, it is one of the most important values ​​for coexistence in society. Ability to identify with the other or with a cause and support it.

- Teamwork. It is an important value to live together, socialize, empathize, collaborate by competing and have a group feeling superior to the individual.

- Friendship. It is the mutual affection that is born from contact with another. By sharing goals, you will learn the true meaning of the word friendship.

Competitiveness. Of a natural nature and that is learned progressively so that it is healthy and understood as an impulse for the group to improve.

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