Solidarity poems with values ​​for children

Solidarity poems with values ​​for children

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Through poetry children can learn very important values: friendship, respect, solidarity, kindness ... It is a great way to help children grow healthily, live together and be happier.

In We invite you to read with your children these beautiful poetry and reflections with your children on its meaning, a great way to learn while playing.

These poems will help you transmit solidarity values ​​to your children, so that they grow up being better people.

Poem about respect for differences. A beautiful poem to teach children the value of respecting differences. The Two Kittens is a solidarity poem by Marisa Alonso Santamaría that teaches children the value of tolerance. And it is that, through poetry, children can learn great values.

Poem to educate in peace. This original poetry by Marisa Alonso Santamaría conveys an important message that helps us educate our children. It teaches them that regardless of the differences between each other, we are all the same.

Ana, poetry to reflect on. Transsexuality is a topic that generates controversy and debate in society, but to help treat it correctly and without causing harm to anyone, Marisa Alonso Santamaría has created a poem that will make children and adults reflect.

Poems about peace. On January 30, the School Day of Non-Violence and Peace is celebrated. On our site we offer you a selection of short poems that talk about peace to teach children what peace is through poetry.

Poem about family love. To teach children the importance of family, on our site we offer you this short poem that talks about the value of families. Short poems for children are a great way to teach your children to exercise memory and attention. Nice nursery rhymes.

Poetry to learn to share. At recess is a funny poem by Marisa Alonso Santamaría. Your children will learn by playing what kind of snacks to have in the middle of the morning and also, this poem transmits a very important value in childhood: learning to share.

A poem about nonviolence. our site brings you a poetry by Gloria Fuertes about weapons and children to educate them for peace. Children's poetry and educational poetry for children to read.

Poem about the love of grandparents. The day I was born, a popular poem about grandparents. Poetry about grandparents for grandchildren to recite aloud. Poems to read to children about grandparents and grandmothers.

Poetry about the value of effort. La ant is a poem that talks to children about the value of life and the dangers we face. Overcoming and chance are also part of the day to day, very present in this nice poem.

The jumping frogs. This short poem, the jumping frogs, is a nursery rhyme to reflect with the children. It teaches them to respect differences, since a great friendship can arise between very different people. Do not judge others by their appearances. Poems with a message for children.

Poem about bad mood. If your child has a bad temper and tends to show a bad mood towards others, we suggest that you read him the moody mandrill, a children's poem with values ​​that teaches them what will happen if he is not kind towards others.

Poem about obedience. How to get children to obey? We can teach them the importance of being obedient through stories, stories, and poetry. Like this one, The Lesson, a children's poem about obedience.

Poem about friendship. We invite you to read the poem The friendship of the cat and the mouse, a nursery rhyme about friendship that you can read with your child to explain that even if others intend to separate you from your best friend, we must fight for friendship whenever be positive and true.

Poem about collaboration and effort. This children's poem by Marisa Alonso Santamaría, The Shoemaker Boy, helps us explain to our children the value of effort and work. Children's poems with values ​​to read aloud with our children.

Poem about empathy. We propose you to explain what empathy is to children through this short children's poem: The fly and the spider. It is important that children learn to put themselves in the place of others, be tolerant and respectful. You can explain it to him with this poem about empathy for children.

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