Lucas, a foster child. Stories about adoption

Lucas, a foster child. Stories about adoption

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Through children's stories, children can find out what adoption is about, a way of having children that is more common every day. With this story of 'Lucas, a foster child', sent to by a psychologist, it will be easier to also explain to adopted children, what is their origin and how they have come to their family, in a natural, tender, and without drama.

It was a winter afternoon, it was very cold and it was raining furiously. The wind blew, blew and blew ... Sitting next to the fireplace, the children, María, Javier and Teresa, ate with pleasure the warm cakes that their grandmother offered them. Teresa ... flirtatious, shaking her head and fixing her braids, asked:

- Abu, and Lucas ... why didn't you come today?

"He's sick," answered the grandmother. - But we still have it with us ...

- And where is? - Asked the boys, amazed, looking around.

- Here, next to my heart ...- and with a quick movement she discovered a letter that was hidden inside her blouse, and immediately she put it back next to her chest.

The boys were so intrigued, they started yelling:

- Come on, abu, read it, read it!

The grandmother, mysterious and restless, replied:

- Don't be impatient ... we'll read the letter later.

Javier and Teresa nodded, but Maria, the youngest, capricious and angry, exclaimed:

- So ... we want you to tell us a story ... right now !!

The grandmother, relieved, said:

- I love to tell you stories when it rains ... Are you ready?

- Yes! - replied the boys.

- Well ... Listen to me with five ears and look at me with twenty eyes ..! Like every Thursday, today I am going to tell you a story ... But in this story there will be neither elves, nor witches, nor princesses ... Today I am going to tell you a real story ... a secret-tale. .. - he murmured slowly.

Gently, the grandmother invited Maria, her youngest granddaughter, to sit on her lap, and after a long and mysterious silence, which the boys found extremely strange, began her story:

- Do you remember when Maria was still in Mom's belly ...? It was a day like today: very rainy and cold. At night we all met at Uncle Pepe and Aunt Luly's house to meet the new cousin ... And there he was: Lucas, a beautiful baby, tiny, skinny, pink and crying, in the arms of Aunt Luly, taking his bottle like a big glutton.

Uncle Pepe - quiet as always - looked at him spellbound, and Aunt Luly looked proud and plump, like a happy queen. They were so happy ... They had finally reunited with their little boy ...! Yes! What did we do? - When they saw Lucas baby, they ran quickly to caress their mother's fat belly. And there you were, Maria, kicking around, as if to say: Here I am, I've grown up, now I want to go out, to play with my brothers and my little cousin!

- Grandma, and why was I kicking? - Maria asked, very worried. - Didn't my mommy hurt?


This story has been sent by Lic Dora Kweller (Argentina)

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