The most popular names in Colombia for girls

The most popular names in Colombia for girls

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Choosing the baby's name is not an easy task for many parents who are pressured by their families to follow the family tradition when some of them would rather name their daughter based more on her tastes. And it is that the choice of the name can depend on many variants, such as literary characters, the world of cinema or even celebrities from the world of the heart.

In Colombia, the combination of all these factors has resulted in a very peculiar list of frequent names for girls in which we find both simple and compound names and where we find both traditional names and others. modern. But the peculiarity in Colombia is the absence of that frequent name par excellence that is María.

1. Sandra Milena. Sandra's Greek origin joins Milena's Slavic origin to form one of the loudest names for girls. The compound name wastes strength by that combination between a traditional name and another that is not so familiar to us, but is of exceptional beauty.

2. Carolina. This name has a Germanic origin and is liked by Colombian families for its musicality and simplicity. It has the traditional flavor of those essential names that do not lose freshness or originality despite use.

3. Daniela. We found a Hebrew origin for this girl's name that has long been on the list of frequent names for its unchanging appeal. The name is perfect for your girl because it exudes sophistication and elegance and also has the charm of traditional names that have not lost any of their strength.

4. Paola Andrea. Although the name Andrea is of Greek origin, this compound name has a totally Latin, even Italian flavor. Both names are big enough to appear separately, but together they form a delightful combination of nobility and dignity that is hard to match.

5. Paula Andrea. The Latin origin of Paula joins the Greek origin in a name that only varies from the previous one in the Spanish variant of Paola. This compound name that admits any variant is quite successful and will remain in the list of frequent names for a long time.

6. Luisa Fernanda. These are two names of Germanic origin that come together to form one of the most characteristic compound names in Colombia. Both names are among the most frequent also in its masculine form, which gives an idea of ​​the personality that emerges from it.

7. Marine Light. This name has a totally Latin origin and it is one of the most eloquent names for girls. If it is among the most frequent names in Colombia, it is because of that delicacy that it gives off and because of that perfect combination between two traditional names that together gain originality.

8. Valentina. The name has a Latin origin and carries implicit force in its meaning. If there was a time when her masculine, Valentín, was more popular, the elegance that emerges from Valentina is putting her at the top of the list of frequent names in many countries.

9. Claudia Patricia. The Latin origin of these two names is evident in this combination of history, tradition and beauty. Few girl names are so forceful and delicate at the same time, that is why it is positioned as one of the preferred names by Colombian families.

10. Sandra Patricia. Sandra's Greek origin meets Patricia's Latin origin in a combination that is very familiar to us. Both names enjoy great popularity in Colombia, both alone and in the most varied compound names.

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