Video: How a Child Should Cope with Bedwetting

Video: How a Child Should Cope with Bedwetting

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The reactions of children who wet the bed or diaper at night vary according to the age of the children. At first they don't pay any interest in it; But when they notice that their parents show some anxiety about the subject, they begin to worry, they become ashamed and try to hide from their parents that they have peed on themselves.

When they are older, they become discouraged because they see that enuresis conditions their lives: they refuse to go to school camps, to sleep at a friend's house, etc., because they are ashamed of their classmates.

Many parents ask us how enuresis affects their children. What happens if bed-wetting is not treated in children. What problems bed-wetting can cause in children. Without a doubt, childhood urinary incontinence has psychological consequences for children. If bedwetting is not treated it can be harmful to the child.

In this video, the specialist Juan Carlos Ruiz de la Roja explains what the consequences of enuresis in children consist of.

To make the child feel more comfortable, it is recommended that they wear absorbent underpants or briefs, with the same underwear design. The attitude of the child towards enuresis depends a lot on the positive attitude of his family, the role of the pediatrician, and that he sees that his efforts to solve the problem give good results. The important thing is that we all help the child cope with enuresis.

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