Juan teaches children to watch their back

Juan teaches children to watch their back

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A few days ago, my son and his friends told me at the door of the school that the backpacks with carts were no longer carried and that they preferred to carry the books on their backs because the carts were for the little ones. One more proof of the conflict between fashion and health.

And it is that carrying the backpack hanging on the back is not a bad thing in itself, the harmful thing is to carry the weight incorrectly distributed on one shoulder, carry it more than necessary or for too long because it can cause injuries and consequently back pain in the children.

For this reason, experts recommend that the load that the child carries does not exceed 10 percent of their body weight. To achieve this, the ideal would be to invest in the installation of lockers in schools or to divide textbooks into several volumes. But, if there is no choice but to carry and bring the school supplies, so that the back does not suffer, it is advisable to use a backpack with wheels, which allows it to be dragged instead of carrying it, and to adjust it to the child's height so that it can be done comfortably and ergonomically.

If the backpack is with straps, contrary to what is usually recommended, it is best not to place it as high as possible (between the shoulder blades or shoulder blades), but below, in the lumbar area or between the hips, and carry it so securely as close to the body as possible. But, backpacks are not the only ones responsible for back pain.

Bad postures maintained for hours at the school desk, when children do not have height-adjustable models with wheels, prevent schoolchildren from adopting the correct posture. This increases the load on your intervertebral discs.

For all this, it is not surprising that By age 15, 50.9 percent of boys and 69.3 percent of girls have suffered back pain ever, according to a recent study by the Kovacs Foundation. Suffering it at those ages increases the risk of suffering it chronically and suffering limitations when reaching adulthood. The incidence of these ailments increases after 10 years of age, so prevention must be started before this age.

And when the pain has already appeared, another curious aspect that goes against what has been recommended for years, is that bed rest is useless and harmful. It is best to be as active as the pain allows. In fact, bed rest prolongs the duration of the painful episode and makes it easier for it to recur, say the experts, so it is essential to try that, in any case, it lasts less than 48 hours, because if the rest lasts longer, the loss of muscle tone and the loss of strength accelerates.

The story Juan's lumbago in one of his cartoons he collects the importance of avoiding bed rest and teaches children to take care of their back. With this initiative, the Kovacs Foundation aims for children to learn more about their back to avoid pain. And your children, do they know how to take care of their back? Leave us your comment on Facebook on the official page of our site.

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