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Summer and Holidays - TV for parents

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How to enjoy summer and holidays with children. The World Association of Early Childhood Educators AMEI - WAECE, with the support of, has opened this new window for early childhood education: TV for parents on the Internet. Parents and educators can watch videos with important tips on early childhood education, and get answers to the questions that concern them.

Holidays are a very favorable time for children to establish greater contact with more distant relatives. They will learn to better relate to their grandparents, uncles, cousins, in a distinguished environment. They will know their role within the group. In good weather, you will spend hours outdoors, which facilitates the psychomotor development of the child, who will learn new skills and may get a stretch. On a trip, the child will learn a lot about the environment wherever he is, be it at sea or in the mountains.

Holidays are a period that offers great experiences not only for children but also for parents. By reducing work obligations, the affective relationship between the two increases. If you decide to travel to beach or mountain areas, children will discover exciting places with landscapes, objects, animals ... The iodine from seawater will help to strengthen children's bones, improve their appetite and blood circulation. Apart from that, it will strengthen their immunity, protecting them from respiratory diseases.

With the sand on the beach, children will enjoy passionately. If they walk barefoot, contact with the sandy ground will help form their feet. The pure air of that environment will favor your lung capacity, your appetite and sleep. Contact with nature, without a doubt, will shield you from health, knowledge, experiences and well-being.

Going on a family vacation requires some changes. Changes of bed, food, routine, home ... will make children feel a bit insecure, a situation for which parents must be understanding and patient. How to help them:

1. Tell them about the trip or activity they are going to do, days before.

2. Tell them about your enthusiasm for the holidays but without generating many expectations.

3. Find the place on a map and information on the Internet.

4. Tell them about the flora, fauna, landscapes, food, how much they can learn on vacation

5. Let them bring some toys or something they are most attached to.

6. During the holidays, congratulate them on their good behavior, achievements, and so on.

7. If possible, facilitate encounters and contacts with other children.

8. Take advantage of the moment for your children to learn to walk, swim, etc.

Fun and learning will be very healthy if you also enjoy it with sunscreen. It is very important that when they are exposed more to the sun, that children's skin is protected to avoid burns. Do not forget a cap as well as repellents against insect bites. Also, don't forget to record important moments with the camera. After the holidays, the children will love to review the moments of their holidays and show them to their friends and family.

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