Why Yoga Has So Many Benefits For Kids With ADHD

Why Yoga Has So Many Benefits For Kids With ADHD

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We know that yoga is good for everyone, regardless of condition or age. But now we also know that it is an essential tool for children with ADHD. At least this is what an interesting study published by a prestigious Canadian magazine (Cadth) reveals.

We explain why you should bet on yoga and meditation if you have a child with attention problems and hyperactivity and Why Yoga Has So Many Benefits For Kids With ADHD.

Yoga offers us all wonderful benefits, but its benefits they are increased in the case of children with concentration problems and hyperactivity. It is the result of an interesting study published by the Canadian magazine Cadth. But do you know why? Discover 5 great benefits of yoga for children with ADHD:

1. Improves concentration. This new report shows that yoga very visibly improves the ability to concentrate and attention, something that children with ADHD find it harder. According to the report, children with ADHD under observation who received yoga classes continuously for two months noticed a great improvement in their attention span.

2. Control impulsivity. Certain yoga postures are especially suitable for achieving greater self-control. Both yoga and Mindfulness or meditation help to better channel emotions, especially anger, anxiety and stress.

3. Improve personal knowledge. Nothing like meditation and yoga relaxation to enhance inner awareness. Silence and relaxation invite reflection and generate a deeper thought of inner self-knowledge.

4. Improves the relationship with the environment. If yoga helps children with ADHD to focus more and control their impulsiveness, this will also help them to relate to others without so much trouble.

5. Improve self-esteem. As the child verifies how he is able to stand up and control his emotions, his self-confidence and, incidentally, his self-esteem will be reinforced.

Yoga bases its exercises in the control of breathing and body posture. Thanks to that, it is possible to relieve tension and improve concentration. The report published in the Canadian magazine, based on a study of psychologists and experts in Yoga and Mindfulness, observed the impact of yoga on 49 children between 8 and 12 years old with ADHD.

Children They attended yoga classes for 8 weeks in a row. They were divided into two groups and were given two types of tests: one visual and the other for determination. After those 8 weeks, a great improvement was observed at the cognitive level in the children and in terms of behavior, concentration and reaction time to stimuli.

Finally, the report asks parents with children with ADHD to take into account this fantastic tool for their children, and schools, to collaborate to help these children with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder with complementary therapies like this one.

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