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Teenagers and police: services, resources and links

Teenagers and police: services, resources and links

Australian Capital Territory

Canberra Police Community Youth Club
This organisation provides innovative and relevant activities for young people in an environment that encourages them to get involved.

New South Wales

NSW Police Force - Party safety
Here you can read tips for organising a safe party for young people. You can register your party so that police have the information they need to help if anything goes wrong.

NSW Police Force - Youth
This webpage outlines the NSW Police Force's youth policy and also has some useful information and links.

Police Citizens Youth Clubs NSW
This is the homepage of PCYC NSW, where you can find information about clubs in local areas. The organisation runs sporting, recreation, cultural and welfare programs to get young people active and help them develop self-esteem and skills.

Northern Territory

As of July 2019, the Northern Territory Police Citizens Youth Club is not running any events or programs until further notice.


Police-Citizens Youth Clubs Queensland
In partnership with the government and community, this organisation encourages youth development by providing sporting, recreational, cultural and welfare programs.

Queensland Blue Light Association
Queensland Blue Light provides safe, supervised entertainment for young people throughout Queensland. There are events like discos every month, as well as annual Youth Development and Youth Leadership Camps.

South Australia

Blue Light South Australia
Blue Light provides young people with entertainment and activities in an environment free from drugs, alcohol, violence and bullying. Through events like discos, movie nights and camps, it aims to build trust and mutual respect between vulnerable young people and police.


Tasmanian Association of Police and Community Youth Clubs
This website gives links to PCYC clubs across Tasmania. The clubs provide many sporting and recreational activities for young people and try to reduce crime by developing positive relationships between young people and police.


Partysafe is a program run by Victoria Police. It provides information to help minimise the risk of something going wrong at parties. The program also allows young people to register their party with local police.

Blue Light Victoria
Blue Light Victoria works with Victoria Police to provide cultural, social and sporting programs for young people aged 5-18 years. Activities include Blue Light discos, which are supervised by police and volunteers to provide a safe and fun environment for young people to socialise.

Western Australia

WA Police and Community Youth Centres
These centres give young people the chance to hang out, relax with friends or get involved with organised sports and other activities. They also offer Blue Light youth activities like discos.