How Holidays Affect Child Development

How Holidays Affect Child Development

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Family vacations are associated with leisure, fun and relaxation. These aspects, which lead to relaxation and a change in routine for adults, play a fundamental part in the development of children.

The experiences that are lived during the vacation periods positively favor their intellectual development. We tell you how holidays affect the development of the child.

Holiday periods positively influence six aspects of its growth:

- The development of brain systems: children's experiences during vacation periods activate a series of components of human behavior that positively favor intellectual development.

- The creativity: Contact with nature offers spaces for cognitive and emotional development, fostering the capacity for exploration, group coexistence and attention, contributes to solving problems, and above all, helps them to differentiate work areas from rest areas and free time. Creativity is stimulated by discovering new habits

- Concentration: Contact with new environments improves the ability to concentrate. According to a study conducted by the University of Illinois, being in contact with nature for more than 20 minutes makes children improve their levels of attention and concentration. In addition, the study also states that living in green areas helps lower blood pressure, reduce stress in children, and has a positive effect on children with ADHD.

- IQ: Holidays affect the development of the child because they also involve a change in the routine and the environment of the whole family. These changes cause the frontal lobe of the little ones to be stimulated, thus increasing their executive functions and promoting the development of their intellectual quotient, their physical health and their mental health.

- The happiness: During the holidays, the desire for curiosity and social interaction in children is promoted and neurotransmitters of well-being are released that play a fundamental role in the development of character and social relationships because they reduce stress, activate feelings of closeness and generosity and contribute to the improvement of their well-being. Researchers and pediatricians have shown that children's happiness levels increase when they go on vacations or when planning these periods with their parents. All this generates an emotion of waiting that contributes to experiencing positive emotions both inside and in family interactions.

- Family ties: the modern way of life characterized by parents with long working hours and a hurried routine, does not facilitate the strengthening of family ties. Finding time for the family nucleus is not only important but necessary for all members. Therefore, vacations are the opportunity to spend time and share experiences together and without haste. In this sense, family trips have a very positive effect on children, since they feel that they receive all the attention and affection of their parents. This helps to increase the level of self-esteem and positively affects the development of your person, first during the adolescent stage and later in adulthood.

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