How to Prevent Insect Bites in Babies

How to Prevent Insect Bites in Babies

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The arrival of the insects It is one of the concerns that parents have especially when temperatures rise. The bites of these creatures can represent a headache, especially when you have a baby at home or during a trip, since they can transmit diseases or cause allergic reactions to the little one. Repellants are effective in preventing bites, but should be used with great caution when it comes to babies.

Repellants keep insects away from your baby, but they can also cause serious illnesses in your baby, such as toxic encephalopathy, an ailment that often causes fever, behavior disturbances, seizures and even coma in the baby.

In fact, some dermatologists do not recommend the application of repellants in babies, due to their high concentration of permethrin and / or diethyl trinisole toluene (DEET), very toxic and easily absorbed through the baby's skin. Organo-phosphates are also toxic to babies if used through aerosols in a closed environment.

Ideally, use repellants that have only about 30 to 35 percent concentration of these substances, since a lower concentration may not be able to repel insects, and a higher one could be toxic to the baby.

In any case the best, for prevent baby bites, It is still to put clothes that cover their arms and legs, avoid bright colors and use colonies that can attract insects by smell. Cribs with a protective fabric or a mosquito net are also often used. From 6 months, you can also apply some repellent only on the baby's clothes. Before this age, it is not advised due to the risk that the child may inhale and have respiratory problems.

Regarding products that help prevent insect bites in babies, it is recommended those derived from plants, vitamins, or tablets. For example, natural citronella-based creams, lotions or gels applied directly to the baby's skin; Vitamin B1 that, used in the bottle or with a dropper, is absorbed by the baby and eliminated by his skin through perspiration to repel insects.

The tablets, used through devices to the electrical current are also effective, as well as the mesh cloths that are placed on the windows. However, as each child is a different world, it is recommended that, before using any product on your baby's skin, consult first with the child's pediatrician, about what would be the best way to prevent bites to your baby.

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