The danger of dressing girls as teenagers

The danger of dressing girls as teenagers

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In recent years we have been able to see how children's fashion imitates that of the elderly: very short pants, exposed navels, vertigo necklines, sexy shirts, in the style of teenage singers ...

It seems harmless and that girls like it, what could be wrong with it? Well, according to a recent study by the American Psychological Association, this eroticization of childhood is causing quite serious physical and mental alterations in the medium term. On our site we tell you what is the danger of dressing girls as teenagers.

Society leads childhood, especially girls, to a sexualizing tendency. Clothes, toys, movies, cosmetics and advertising bombard our daughters promoting their sexuality and their physique as the only way to be successful in life and leaving aside other aspects of their personality.

The only criterion that girls see to judge themselves is physical beauty, and thus childhood is quickly put aside for what is now called preadolescence.

This fashion of dressing girls as teenagers:

- It turns girls into a sexual object in which the only quality they possess is that of being attractive to the male, who at the same time is pushed to reinforce his macho role. It is educated so that women promote attitudes praised by men such as sweetness, innocence, submission, forgetting firm and authoritarian behaviors because they are not very feminine.

- These behaviors have revealed that the main concern of girls in the last 20 years is their physical appearance, and failure to achieve their goal leads to perpetual dissatisfaction, anxiety and depression from a very young age.

- The models of beauty of the models, and even of the dolls, reflect impossible bodies, with an extreme thinness. These models push our daughters to anorexia and bulimia from the age of nine, reports the Association in Defense of Attention to Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia.

- On the other hand, the current beauty canon of a tall girl, with moderate curves and extraordinarily large breasts, drags many teenagers into a aesthetic obsession that leads them to ask their parents for cosmetic surgery.In the US, breast implants, liposuction and nose operations are some of the preferred gifts for teenagers for their graduation, the same as in Spain, the first country in Europe in number of cosmetic surgeries for teenagers. This fact is worrying, not only because it denigrates women and reduces them to the only nuance of the physical, but also creates addiction and continuous dissatisfaction.

- Another of the revealing aspects of this study is the promptness in the sexual maturation before psychological maturation, which leads to the adoption of risky sexual behaviors: unwanted pregnancies, promiscuity, sexual diseases ... confusing it with a misunderstood sexual freedom.

Filter everything our daughters see: tv shows, movies, music videos ... Teach them to exercise criticism with the wrong attitudes and show them what reality is. Talk and explain why certain behaviors are inappropriate. To promote other aspects of the person such as sports, culture and creativity. Educate about sex and its consequences in a natural way and, of course, set an example.

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