Public playground for children

Public playground for children

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We all know that play is an essential tool in the construction of the physical and social development of childrens. It is important that we encourage our children to play moments at home, but also outdoors, in a yard or in a park. At the same time they play, children can be exposed to the sun, a source of energy and vitamins. Play is always beneficial, and through it children attract and interact with other children.

Both on the swings, slides, seesaws, etc., as in the sand, children have a very pleasant and fun time, at the same time they acquire social and motor coordination skills. Taking children to play in a park is inviting them to have fun in open spaces, where, through multiple teams, they can give wings to their imagination. TWe give some tips to choose the best public playground for children.

Many parents are aware of the importance of this type of game in children's play areas. However, they do not perceive that behind each team or apparatus there is a very important aspect to consider which is security. What children want is to play and what parents want is for their children to have fun and for them to be able to rest a little on a bench, watching them.

Parents who take their children to a public playground make it aware of its value. However, many details regarding the park's facilities do not attract much attention. We mean some important aspects such as safety, quality and maintenance of the equipment, cleanliness, as well as the condition of the area surrounding the park. Public children's play areas are not as safe as you think. In 1998, 4% of the accidents registered in Spain occurred in recreation and leisure areas, in recreational activities. For this reason, children cannot take their eyes off. That is also a security measure.

European regulations (UNE-EN 1176 and 1177) establish a long series of safety requirements to prevent accidents in playgrounds. These standards collect the requirements to be met by the teams (swings, slides, seesaws) and the materials used, the dimensions of the gaps and free spaces that avoid risks of containment, the distances and safety heights, the protection against falls and hooks of clothes and hair, etc. In addition, they refer to the coating thicknesses of the playing areas, the installation requirements, the clearance distances and the subsequent maintenance of the playing area. However, this regulation is not mandatory and only France currently applies it.

Rather, they are technical recommendations of a non-mandatory nature; to be binding they need a European directive or a national law. In Spain, the authorities have determined that it is freely applicable, which causes a legal vacuum; Only Andalusia and Galicia have specific regulations on playgrounds.

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