How to deal with the sexual education of children

How to deal with the sexual education of children

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How can I educate my child when I have not received a sex education? This is a question that many parents ask themselves and it causes them some concern. Many times the subject is avoided completely and the only thing it causes in the little ones is confusion and unresolved doubts. This is why we have to take into account that children's sexual education It is of the utmost importance, as it will determine the attitude that children will have towards their own sexuality when they grow up.

In order to better understand the concept of sexuality, it is important to know that it is not centered on the genitals, the heterosexual, and much less reduced to a series of sexual behaviors and techniques such as intercourse or penetration. Sexuality is being sexed beings, that is, men and women with the ability to demonstrate their emotional needs in different ways.

According to the psychologist Mónica Poblador, the sexual education of children is a difficult subject to deal with, however, no matter what type of education we have received, talking about affection, affection and sharing our doubts with others will help to remove taboos that exist in relation to this issue.

In order to provide adequate sexual education to children, it is necessary to carry out a series of actions on a personal level, which will allow parents to be a role model for children in this matter. Here are some tips to get rid of those fears and prejudices that could interfere with the sexual education of children.

1- Talk about sexuality with our partner, with other mothers, with other parents or teachers, to begin to feel more comfortable with this topic.

2- Make a review on what is the concept of sexuality that we have and the taboos that we have, so we can choose the type of education or the attitudes that we want to offer our children. Do not forget that parents are a role model for the little ones.

3- You have to be authentic and express ourselves, if we are not comfortable with certain things, good communication is essential in these cases.

4- Even if you have not had sex education, you have to try to open up a little, and begin to have it even from the birth of the children, hugging them, loving them, bathing them, are a series of actions with which we are already providing sex education.

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