The zebra and the mouse. Children's poems about friends

The zebra and the mouse. Children's poems about friends

During early childhood, almost without knowing it, children come into contact with the wonderful world of poetry, and the songs they sing are nothing more than little poems with rhymes and music.

And it is that, through poems, children learn about their environment, they know more vocabulary, they learn social norms or very important values. Through this children's poem about friends, The Zebra and the Mouse, children will understand the importance of helping friends, especially in bad times.

Read this original aloud with your children short poem about two animals that you can also comment on later. It is the story of a little mouse who is injured by his friend the zebra but she will do everything possible to take care of her little adventure companion.

A zebra and a mouse

they walk along a path,

Enjoying of the landscape

they are admiring the pines.

At a random crossing

in a moment they meet,

the zebra steps on the mouse

that at the moment regrets.

"Forgive me little mouse"

Says the anguished zebra,

it was just an accident,

I didn't want to do anything to you.

The little mouse on the ground

moans with a lot of pain,

complains about a paw

and you need a cane.

The zebra for help

call your friend giraffe,

that from the top of a tree

a short branch reaches.

With skill the zebra

makes a strong crutch,

and the mouse when getting up

his body in it holds.

«I appreciate your care

Says the badly injured mouse.

I know you didn't want to hurt me

you've done what you could.

And walking down the road

the lame mouse leaves,

and the saddened zebra

looks askance.

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