The dignified rat. I count on values ​​for children

The dignified rat. I count on values ​​for children

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Friendship can come from who you least expect. We mean to true friendship, Clear. With this story of La ratita Digna, your children will learn to differentiate the 'acquaintances' from those who are really friends.

Read with your child 'La ratita dignna', a story with values to talk about friendship, kindness, solidarity, empathy and generosity.

In the forest everyone knew to the Digna rat for being good and kind. She was hard-working, generous, and always gave her help to those who needed it.

The rat always had a mousetrap full of friends and any pretext was good to celebrate there.

It happened that one morning Digna the rat woke up very dizzy, she felt ill and could not go out to buy nor did she have the strength to tend to her mice, so she decided to ask her friends for help:

And the eagle said:

- Ugh, I'm sooo busy, I'll come to see you tomorrow when I'm more rested.

And the rabbit said:

- I'm going to take a trip, I have already bought the ticket.

And the worm said:

- I'm going to the party of some friends, when you come back you can count on me.

And the butterfly said:

- Maybe I can come tomorrow, I'm meeting my sister.

And the serpent said:

- Like I said to the centipede, dumb this month.

And so one after another they were giving excuses to the little rat who was left sick, desolate and very sad. And despite being so tired, she had no choice but to go outside to buy food.

On her way home, feverish, hunched over and carrying her shopping bag, she was dragging her feet down the road when she heard a voice say:

- Rat lady, I'll carry the bags to your mousetrap.

It was a young snake, strong and smiling the one who had spoken.

When they arrived, the mice were waiting hungrily by the door and immediately opened the door, jumping around their mother.

Seeing the five mice in the house, the snake said:

- Go to rest Mrs. Rat, I will prepare food for your mice.

And Digna the rat got into bed very grateful to the snake.

The next day, when Digna woke up, the snake had cleaned and made breakfast for everyone. He had stayed there all night to take care of them. And she stayed in the care of the house and the mice until the rat recovered.

Some of his friends showed up the next day to leave right away making excuses again.

Digna the rat and the snake became friends but, real friends.

And despite everything, the house of the Digna rat is still the center of meetings and parties and, there it continues to celebrate all the good things in life, even the day of friendship.

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