The lion and the mouse. Fable in English for children

The lion and the mouse. Fable in English for children

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Fables are an excellent aid to review at home with children the habit of reading. This time shows you this beautiful fable in English for children by Aesop "The lion and the Mouse".

Share very funny moments with your children, reading this story with a moral that will teach them the value of kindness and appreciation for others. Also, you can practice the English language with them in a more interesting and attractive way for them, thanks to their cartoon characters.

A Lion lay asleep in the forest, his great head resting on his paws. A timid little mouse came upon him unexpectedly, and in her fright and haste to get away, ran across the lion's nose. Roused from his nap, the lion laid his huge paw angrily on the tiny creature to kill her.

-Spare me! Please let me go and someday I will surely repay you- begged the poor mouse

The lion was much amused to think that a mouse could ever help him. But he was generous and finally let the Mouse go.

Some days later, while stalking his prey in the forest, the lion was caught in the toils of a hunter's net. Unable to free himself, he filled the forest with his angry roaring. The mouse knew the voice and quickly found the lion struggling in the net. Running to one of the great ropes that bound him, she gnawed it until it parted, and soon the lion was free.

-You laughed when I said I would repay you. Now you see that even a mouse can help a lion- said the mouse

Moral: A kindness is never wasted.

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