Fables in English for Children

Fables in English for Children

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On our site we offer you a selection of short fables in English so that your children can learn the language while entertaining themselves. In addition, each of these stories with a moral offers a teaching that helps children to learn about different values.

You can read these fables aloud and then comment on the message they are trying to convey. A very complete teaching for all children who are learning English.

The fables of Aesop, La Fontaine or Samaniego in English so that your children can read them in this language and learn new vocabulary.

The wolf in sheep's clothing. On our site we present the story in English of Wolf in sheep's clothing, a story in English with a moral that in addition to English teaches children that appearances can be deceiving.

He milkmaid and her pail. The milkmaid and her pail is a short story in English that tells children about greed. It is the fable of the milkmaid in English language for children to practice the language.

Greedy boy. Greedy boy, whose Spanish translation is Chico greedy is a story that tells of two twin brothers, very alike in appearance but very different in character. The story teaches children that it is better to be generous than not greedy.

The hare and the turtle. The hare and the turtle is a children's story in English. Its Spanish version is La Liebre y la Tortuga, a short story for children to educate children in values.

Peter and the wolf. Stories in English for children. The best stories in English to read to children. Story 'Peter and the Wolf' for children. Traditional children's stories in English. Tale of 'Peter and the Wolf' in English.

The fox and the grapes. Fox and the grapes, whose translation is La zorra y las uvas, is a fable in English that tries to teach children that sometimes we strive to achieve something but we do not achieve it, although we always have to try.

The boy and the candies. On our site we show you “The boy and the candies”, a fable for children in English with which the little ones will be able to review this language and at the same time they will learn a valuable moral.

The ant and the grasshopper. "The Ant and the Grasshopper" is a short story for children that will teach them the value of work and its rewards. An Aesop fable in English ideal to teach you to practice that language with children.

The lion and the mouse. Learn and read together with your children "The lion and the mouse". our site tells us a classic Aesop fable that teaches the value of kindness and appreciation for others. Don't miss out on the opportunity to teach children English in a fun and engaging way.

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