Childhood dyslexia. Dyslexia in children

Childhood dyslexia. Dyslexia in children

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The childhood dyslexia it is a reading, writing and learning deficiency. Its cause is an alteration of the brain areas that control language. Childhood dyslexia affects 5 percent of children ages 7 to 9, mostly boys, and is believed to have a genetic basis.

The manifestations of dyslexia are very varied and will depend on the intensity of the disorder and the child's age, because functions related to memory, vocabulary, motor areas and speech can be affected. However, it is believed that dyslexia is not related to the child's intelligence, although significant deficits in language, motor skills, perception and general lack of maturity can be observed in the preschool stage.

Dyslexia does not heal only with the passage of time, an early diagnosis is necessary to help the child in a timely manner. Therefore, parents and educators should not hesitate to consult a pediatrician before the first suspicions of dyslexia.The child with dyslexia presents great difficulties in reading and writing:

  • Slow reading, laborious and full of errors
  • Poor spelling in texts or dictations
  • Incorrect joins or separations of words
  • Difficulties in automating learning and memorization (he learns something and, after a short time, forgets it).

In addition, it is difficult for him to successfully carry out activities where it is necessary to apply various skills (example, writing in which he has to pay attention to spelling, punctuation, organizing ideas ...) Dyslexia does not manifest itself in the same way or with the same intensity in every child. Therefore, recovery will be determined by the characteristics of each child and by the family and school environment to which they belong. Early detection is the key to recovery, before the child experiences failure.

The child with dyslexia He is capable of learning to read, but he will do it in a different way, with a different method and special treatment, giving him strategies and techniques to face his reading-writing difficulties, teaching him different skills that help him understand and memorize the texts he has read. It is important that parents who have a child with dyslexia put themselves in the hands of a professional so that they can guide them in the best way to help their child.

This video shows us more details about dyslexia in children, how it is processed, a child's difficulties in reading and writing, trouble remembering sequences, and what tasks are more difficult to accomplish in the day-to-day life of a child with dyslexia. Also, how this alteration affects children in school or college.

The dyslexia is a learning disorder that hinders reading comprehension since it alters the order of letters, words or syllables. It is a disorder that can be overcome without any problem. Proof of this are these famous and well-known people who, despite dyslexia, managed to achieve their goals and dreams, and become successful professionals. An example so that parents do not panic or despair in case their children have dyslexia. It has a solution and a way out.

- Jennifer Aniston
Her dyslexia, diagnosed only in her early twenties, affected her self-esteem and her education. The actress has overcome her with the world of acting.

- Johnny Deep
This great Hollywood actor suffers from dyslexia from a very young age

- Keira Knightley
This well-known actress was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 6. She had the support of her family with whom she made an attempt to practice reading every day to fulfill her dream of being an actress. That helped him read the scripts for his film roles better.

- Orlando Bloom
This popular and famous actor was diagnosed with dyslexia due to his difficulty reading. Being an actor helped him get over it.

- Robin Williams
The recently deceased actor was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was little

- Salma Hayed
She was diagnosed with dyslexia at 12 years of age. She had difficulty reading and learning the acting scripts but has overcome it with effort and work.

- Steve Spielberg
The famous film director has been diagnosed with dyslexia only in his sixties. As a child, he suffered bullying and had difficulties in his academic training. However, with work and effort he achieved his goal. Today he understands many things.

- Thalia
This Mexican singer presents dyslexia, as well as her entire family.

- Whoopi Goldberg
The American actress started having dyslexia symptoms at the age of 8. At first, she had to put up with teasing from classmates and lack of understanding from teachers. The diagnosis reached adulthood and has not prevented her from becoming a successful actress.

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