How to use reverse psychology with children

How to use reverse psychology with children

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At the time that reason does not convince to your son for many efforts you have made, use reverse psychology with children it's a good way to get out of trouble. It is effective with the most defiant and stubborn children, although you have to be careful not to use it too much since we can damage their self-esteem.

Give the child the opportunity to choose between two options, or the less correct option, gives the child the freedom to choose.

I don't want to! You have already explained why he should do it a thousand times, you have tried to negotiate with him, you have even blackmailed him and raised your voice, but the child is still in his stubborn posture of defiance. The time to use reverse psychology!

It consists of inviting children to do one thing when you really expect them to do the opposite. It is especially recommended for Small children who tend to be very stubborn and go with "no" first.

It works great because nobody likes to be told what to do, and children, that They cry out for their independence much less, that's why many times even they come to do the opposite of what we ask of themThus they try to reestablish their freedom.

This technique works under the premise of "If you forbid it, I want to do it."

Psychologists call this strategy a behavioral technique, In other words, it aims to positively influence the person, although there are others who discard it since it really is a form of manipulation.

Of course, cannot be used constantly because it is no longer effective, and we also run the risk that the child will notice our trick and do exactly what we do not want.

A very clear example of how to use it It is when the child does not want to do homework and we say to him: "Well, don't do it, darling, don't worry, but I don't know what the teacher will tell you tomorrow ..." another example is when does not want to eat: "Do not eat it, I already eat it, I love it and that way I will get stronger", immediately the child will snatch the plate from your hands to start eating, it will not be less strong than you.

To the kids they like to be competitive and challenging, and in this way you let them get away with it, and apparently they are the ones who have made their own decision, although the decision was really yours.

Another variant of reverse psychology with children is choose between two options and stand firm: "You can choose between eating carrots or broccoli", at that time we give you the freedom to choose, although for us either option is good.

Try it sometime but without abuse, you'll see how well it works. You can also try it with your partner or your boss, to see if you are lucky ...

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