My baby's difficult relationship with the sand on the beach

My baby's difficult relationship with the sand on the beach

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When my daughter was a little over a year old, she loved the sea. Every time we went to a beach, she didn't want to get out of the water. He loved to splash around and play with the water, move with his float, but his experience with the sand was always, from day one, a catastrophe. No castles or games or anything with the sand. On the one hand it seemed good to me since I always saw children covered up to their ears with sand, others who brought sand to their mouths to try ... So it seemed great to me that my daughter did not like sand.

However, the worst would come later, because although my daughter did not sit directly on the sand, she bathed in the water. And you know, currents bring sand and it ended up accumulating on my little girl's butt. So when I had to change her diaper what a desperation! Between the heat, the sand and the diaper ... what exhaustion! With so much sand on all sides, instead of cleaning my little girl, it seemed like I was exfoliating her skin.

To change the diaper (disposable swimsuit) to my baby was a headache. The sand seeped into the most unexpected places on my girl's body, and she complained, cried, of course, annoyed. In order to change it well, my husband always carried a bottle of water. Only then could I clean her genitals well, without the rubbing of sand on her delicate skin. Then, I passed the wet wipe, the cream, and that's it, I was ready to put a clean diaper on him.

Going to the beach with your baby is nothing like going to the beach alone with your partner or with friends. Between sand, food, drink, shade, toys, baths, diaper changes, sunscreen, etc., so that we are going to fool ourselves, we spend so much time that we hardly manage to relax. I have always thought that for babies there should be a more comfortable beach, with specific places to change diapers, with more shade, and of course, less sand. Is it the heat that provokes these thoughts?

And you will ask me: Does your daughter still not like stepping on and playing with the sand? Well no. For the 3 or 4 years, we went to the beach with their little cousins. And do you know what happened? That she didn't care about the sand. He did everything his cousins ​​did. Welcome to sand castles, buckets, rakes ... and sand! A stage that lasted many years. So much so that we almost preferred to go to the pool instead of the beach. But come on, I'm not complaining, I just want to tell you that going to the beach with babies is very good, although, of course, it requires some care and preparation.

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