My son does not like fruit. What I do?

My son does not like fruit. What I do?

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The habit of eating fruits is not only good to avoid cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, but also to avoid childhood obesity.

Many parents worry that their children don't like fruit. Although eating fruit is a habit that must be acquired since they are very young in the porridge, there are many ways to achieve it when the child is a little older.

One of the ways to encourage children to eat fruit is to always have it in view of the little one, on the table, on the counter or in the fridge, and if possible cut into pieces, so that children can eat it at all times. It is advisable to have fruits of the time, they are cheaper and have better flavor and quality. If you are going to buy fruit already cut and packaged, choose the one that does not have added sugar. The fruit must be eaten as is, without sugar.

It is not about convincing children that fruits are important in their diet and for their health, it is about convincing them to try a piece of fruit. But how do you get it? The experts in infant feeding agree to apply some strategies:

1. The first is the example. If parents or older siblings (if any) do not eat fruit, the child will not want to try it. The example is a motivation for children.

2. Insist. Even if the child refuses to eat a piece of fruit today, do not stop trying. Day after day, you keep trying, with different fruits. Many cases end up convincing the child to try the fruit after 20 days.

3. Share the same fruit. That is, if you are going to give an apple to your child, share it with the number of people around him. IF you and your son are alone, split the apple in two so that he feels committed to eating at least his half of the apple. It may work.

4. Invite your child to cook and participate in making a fruit recipe. Ask him to taste the fruit in question to see if it tastes good. That is a kind of 'cheat' way but the kids will feel more motivated.

5. When your child finally decides to eat some fruit, don't give them a treat for it. Praise her decision and make a plan of the fruits she likes best.

One of the very practical and rich recipes to stimulate the consumption of fruits is to always have a fruit salad for the kids in the fridge. If you want to introduce fruit into your children's diet, be it for breakfast, dessert or snack, this fruit salad can represent a big step:

For this delicious recipe you will need:

- 3 oranges

- 2 apples

- 2 pears

- 2 bananas

- 3 kiwis

- 2 tablespoons of honey

- You can also add pieces of other fruits such as watermelon, grapes, strawberries, mango, etc.

To start, each fruit is peeled and cut into small pieces, placing them in a bowl. An orange is reserved to be squeezed over the fruits when they are cut, along with the honey. This is a very simple way to surprise the little ones in the house. Fruit salads can also be accompanied by a scoop of ice cream or some syrup for dessert.

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