Advantages of sea water to clean the baby's nose

Advantages of sea water to clean the baby's nose

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When we go to the consultation because our children have a cold and a lot of snot, pediatricians give us a unique and clear recommendation: wash the baby's nose.

The nasal wash It is one of the best solutions to combat congestion or mucus in the baby, and is that decongestant medications are totally contraindicated during the first years of life of our children.

When performing a nasal wash we can use seawater or physiological serum, being the first most effective solution due to the multiple benefits of its composition.

The air we breathe is not pure, there are allergens, dust, viruses, pollution and other particles that can cause irritation in the nasal passages. To this is added that, if the baby is in a catarrhal process with congestion or discharge, the discomfort is even greater. How can we alleviate this discomfort if the baby cannot be given nasal decongestants?

A great solution, recommended by pediatricians and experts is the seawater, 100% natural isotonic and sterile, perfect for cleaning baby's nostrils. Why is sea water so good to clean a baby's nose?

1- According to some experts consulted, it is more effective than other products, like physiological serum, since the latter is a 0.9% solution of sodium chloride in water. Instead, seawater is a product 100% natural that, after filtering and sterilizing it, preserves all the elements present in it as potassium, calcium, sulfate, or magnesium, all of them very beneficial.

2- We can use it since the first day born, is a harmless product for the little ones.

3- Lets be used daily, even if the baby is not undergoing any catarrhal process, simply as a hygiene measure and to carry away the mucus that the baby is not able to expel.

4- By dragging the snot lodged in the highways, prevents possible cases of otitis, a very common pathology in children with colds, since the mucus, not being expelled, can lodge in the ear causing pain and even fever.

5- If the baby is exposed to very dry environments, seawater helps to humidify the nasal passages.

6- It hasdecongestant and anti-inflammatory properties, so it is ideal in flu or catarrhal processes that occur with mucus.

7- Is also beneficial in allergic processes such as rhinitis or rhinosinusitis.

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