Teach a child to eat from newborn

Teach a child to eat from newborn

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Teaching a child to eat well is, without a doubt, an invaluable gift that we give as parents for their adult life. To do this, we must start from the beginning, from when we have our precious and precious newborn in our arms, following a few simple tips.

- Offer breastfeeding on demandIn such a way that we promote their autonomy, we teach them to make decisions about their diet, understanding and attending to the satiety signals of their own body.

- On demand is on demand. Neither the duration of feedings nor the time between them should be established, neither with breastfeeding nor artificial feeding.

- Respect the indications for formula milk if this way of feeding is chosen. Not respecting the ratio of scoops of milk and water causes the baby's kidneys, which still do not work as they will when they grow up, have to work harder and faster, with the problems that this can lead to.

- Respect the age for the introduction of complementary feeding. Introducing food too early can cause digestive discomfort and even lead to future intolerances.

- Do not use salt and / or sugar earlier than recommended. In the case of salt, in addition to not being necessary because babies are not used to consuming salty foods, the large amount of sodium can cause a problem for their kidneys, since they will have difficulty excreting it. Sugar, in addition to being a health hazard for many reasons, is also a health hazard for oral health, being able to create problems in the teeth, either milk or permanent.

- Let them eat alone. Yes, it's true, they make a lot of mess, they take longer than we would like, they get stained, it's a disaster! But to learn to eat, you have to let them do it. Children need to become more autonomous in general, little by little and with respect, and that also includes food. It will be months of learning, so you have to arm yourself with patience, let them touch and manipulate the food, with their hands or with the cutlery, and above all, let them get stained, with old clothes and a good bib, the damage will seem minor.

- Respect their rhythm. If the baby is interested in food, he will taste it and eat, and if he does not have it, we will not get anything good by insisting or forcing him to eat. Forcing a child to eat or taste food, even a small amount, contradicts his own body's signals, prompting him to let others make those decisions and creating unhealthy eating habits.

- Sit at the table with others. When starting complementary feeding, it is very likely that the baby will feel little attraction to food, and, if he sits at the table with the rest of the family, his interest is likely to increase, while if we offer him food Besides, you may not even know what to do with it.

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