How to talk to our children

How to talk to our children

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Our children, and children in general, are fragile pieces that we are forging with our reactions and the way in which we relate to them, that is, through external impulses that they perceive from our image.

The way we interact with them, the way we address and express ourselves when we speak to them, will leave a mark in his life, in his behavior, in his values, feelings and way of facing new situations.

Language determines child's personalityThat's why the way we talk to our children is important.

Many times we are not aware of the the way we express ourselves, we raise our voices, we use derogatory tones, we make promises that we do not keep, we criticize and prejudge, we use threatening tones, without realizing that how important we are to them, that we are your example for their formation, and that every time they listen to us and observe us, we are marking a path to follow.

We adults must be aware that “language creates"; So we speak to our children, they will speak to their peers, so the tone we use, they will use with their friends.

For example, if we use a threatening tone constantly, as a resource to achieve something, they will use this same tone with their friends every time they want to achieve something, and we will be giving them a conflict relationship model with his environment of equals.

We must be very tactful when talking to children, in the way we express our annoyances, frustrations, complaints, reprimands, but also in the way we express our love and affection, as it can become a weapon double edged. Them we would reprimand for their conduct, but we would be unable to recognize that our words were wrong.

Children are always attentive to everything, and we never know with certainty what they keep from what they hear us, and what not. We must be clear that with what they keep to themselves, they take for granted that it is rightsince it comes from their parents. What we say, they will end up reproducing sooner or later.

Therefore, it is very important to keep in our expressions:

1- A conciliatory tone.

2- Firmness in decisions.

3- Clarity in concepts.

4- Always positive language.

It's never too late to start, and remember that language creates, therefore remember the importance of the way we talk with our children.

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