Early Signs of Autism in Children

Early Signs of Autism in Children

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I do not mean to define autism in a technical way but to offer clues that, as parents, alert you or make you suspect that your son may have autism.

In the practice of my work I listen to parents talk about impressions, doubts or concerns that they show about their children, even when they are very young. We see clearly that a mother or father have a "sixth sense" that is usually very accurate.

Here I tell you what theearly signs of autism in children.

In the specific case of autism, they usually tell us that they find their son absent and a little strange. The first thing they usually say is that he is not like other children or does the same things as them. They talk about what has no interest in other children nor by nearby adults.

When it comes to playing use the toys in a special wayYou can line up with cars without rolling them, throwing or sucking them and they don't attract much attention.

If they call the child by name does not answer them and you don't follow the instructions they give you. Sometimes they tell us that he seems "deaf" but that, on the other hand, he does react to other types of noises that he especially likes as songs or cartoons. On the other hand, it reacts excessively to noises in the house such as a mixer or dishes colliding with each other when putting them in the dishwasher; it is common to see these children covering their ears with their hands with anguished face.

Another thing parents often say is that their son does not look at them and, who on many occasions, has a lost look. Parents see other children their age showing their parents a toy or wanting to make them participate in everything that catches their attention and happens around them. Your child doesn't do this kind of thing, shows no interest in people nor by objects. When he addresses them, it is so that they can take something that he wants and cannot access and uses them as instruments, he does not look at their faces but takes them by the hand and brings them closer to the object he wants. Another thing that parents often worry about is that their child does not point the finger as little children often do.

Another constant reference is that your child does not evolve in the language, and even that there were words that at a certain moment he said and now he has stopped using them. Repeat sounds but not for the purpose of communication.

Parents tell us with concern that their child presents strange behaviors such as movements with the hands (a kind of flapping) or turns or hops with the feet and that a lot of time can be spent in that activity. When they want him to leave this activity, the child gets angry and can have very intense and long-lasting tantrums.

These are some of the concerns that parents show when faced with first signs of autism.

At the early signs of the autistic child, we usually recommend are two very important things:

1- The first is that they trust their own criteria, they are the ones who know their child best and their impressions are usually very accurate.

2- The second is that they activate as quickly as possible the protocol to achieve an early diagnosis and with it, an adequate intervention from the first months of your child's life.

It is important that they have detailed information about what is happening to the child, and that they are participants in the intervention that will be carried out with him. It is beneficial for parents to wear in contact with associations parents of children like yours, to share information and above all, day-to-day experiences.

Finally, we consider it essential to say that autism has no cure, a person does not stop having autism with the passage of time but that, with proper treatment, a very significant improvement and a good quality of life at the family level.

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