How Scares Affect Your Baby During Pregnancy

How Scares Affect Your Baby During Pregnancy

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The ideal would be to live a pleasant, calm and safe pregnancy, however, this is not always the case. Some pregnant women have to face difficult situations that can cause distress or a high level of stress.

There is a very common question as to whether these anxieties or misfortunes can have an impact on the developing baby. On our site we clarify how scares affect the baby during pregnancy.

There is a popular belief that if the mother receives bad news, if someone close to her dies or if she has a high level of anxiety and stress due to some type of event, the baby could suffer malformations. However, nothing is further from reality, the mother's emotions do not affect the baby's development.

No matter how sad or stressful some situations may be, the baby's evolution will follow its natural course and it will not cause the baby to be born with any defect, malformation or angioma. Yes, it can happen, on the contrary, a very strong emotion can lead to a threat of abortion. This is because that great anguish can cause contractions in the uterus.

Pregnant women receive a lot of advice on the best way to eat and how to live a healthy life. Their physical condition is taken care of so that the baby can develop in optimal conditions but little attention is paid to the emotions of the pregnant woman.

Many pregnant women, far from living the pregnancy in a calm way, are exposed to high levels of stress due to work or distressing family situations.

According to some studies, this stress and anguish when it occurs constantly throughout pregnancy can affect the baby during development, no longer causing malformations, but it is related to cases of ADHD, learning difficulties, behavior problems and anxiety in children.

It is therefore important to take care of the well-being of the pregnant woman and ensure that she lives a pregnancy away from stress and anguish. For this it is important to follow these tips:

- Allow oneself to be helped by the environment: partner, family and friends must be great allies.

- Carry out activities that produce pleasure, be it reading, walking or enjoying dinner with friends.

- Play sports: as long as they are recommended for pregnancy. And it helps to lower the stress level and release endorphins, hormones responsible for enhancing the feeling of well-being.

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