The sleepy king. Christmas children's poem

The sleepy king. Christmas children's poem

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Christmas is coming and the kids love it recite poems about these dates. Spreading the joy of Christmas and being with the family is one of the souvenirs most beautiful of these dates so marked.

The sleepy king is a poem for children written by Gloria Fuertes for the Christmas season.

The child wants to sleep but the Virgin encourages him to be awake because the shepherds and the Magi are coming.

Don't fall asleep, son

that are the shepherds.

They bring you cheese

they bring you flowers.

Child, do not sleep,

the Magi are coming.

Melchior, if you saw him,

very long eyes,

Baltasar very black

and Gaspar very clear.

Son don't you sleep

that my crying is born.

Do not close your eyes,

who is looking at you

who came barefoot

to offer you a bowl.

Bowl of his hands

full of bluish

of your fields.

Son, don't fall asleep

that they are praying to you!

Do you want to know if your child has a good reading comprehension? Find out if the child has understood this pretty poetry by Gloria Fuertes through these poems.

- Why doesn't the Virgin want the child to fall asleep?

- Who is going to visit you?

- What does the pastor carry in his hands?

- What would you bring the baby Jesus as a gift?

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