The phenomenon. 15 seconds of glory for children

The phenomenon. 15 seconds of glory for children

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Maybe while you have been in line at the supermarket, the cinema or walking down the street, you have run into a child, mobile phone in hand, recording himself while making faces and overplayed gesturesThis is not an alien, but a teenager or pre-teen, performing for his 15 seconds of glory on

But what is the phenomenon? According to the most posts in social media, they say it is the social network with the most future for children and adolescents.

Created in 2014, this social network, in which users can share videos, was born as a didactic application in which students could upload their recordings of classes or conferences; However, in the end the shots were in other directions and it ended up being a social network for teens to share their videos doing playback and creating your own choreographies, which seemed to be more successful.

Although it was created for adolescents, many children from 7 years of age use it as usual, and currently it is one of the applications, along with Pockemon Go, which fights to be the main cause of depletion of mobile batteries.

The phenomenon has become so embedded among children that some become a user with their parents' mobile phone, if they do not have their own. Social pressure to have makes it very difficult to avoid not falling into their nets.

The main cause of hitch of the minors is its easy use. Since you believe videos in 15 seconds in which you can move your lips and do simple dances to great musical successes, but also interpret dialogue from series and movies or sing with your own voice. gives you a popularity that few kids can resist.

But this carries with it many dangers since, the videos of the users or muser (the way the participants of this social network are called), they never disappear from the network, but are saved forever along with the comments that others can make about it, either constructive or destructive. This undoubtedly exposes our children to be criticized or praised, even becoming true stars that have thousands of fans and already have their own "Teen Choice" awards.

Some children find in this social network an opportunity to develop their creativity by making dynamic and expressive gestures, as well as showing off their clothing styles brand imitating their idols.

However, there is another negative factor in this phenomenon, and it is that, although the library is nourished by the successes of artists such as Cristina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake or Ariadna Grande, some of the most requested songs are those of reggaetón, due to their rhythm and catchy lyrics, but with a poor message and that leaves much to be desired for its sexism and violence; so you find 10-year-old girls singing and gesturing "Daddy give it to me" or "I like big mouths."

If your children spend a lot of time glued to the mobile doing weird gestures, it's because they have a profile on Now you know!

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