How to prevent children from being a crystal generation

How to prevent children from being a crystal generation

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For a long time I have observed friends, parents, colleagues, and acquaintances how they behave and what attitudes they have in different circumstances with their children, and how their children act in different situations and certain places, and I always reach the same conclusion; Are we creating a crystal generation that at the least we are going to break?

Today's children are usually awake, handsome, affectionate, with emotional skills, and above all digital, but wrapped in a very fragile container.

This is a generation that has had many helps from their parents, of the school and social environment, and too many tools with which to more than cover their needs.

What coach, my gaze is focused on what they can become, what can happen when their bubble breaks, the fragile container that protects them, when they have to face improvement, manage complex and frustrating situations, and they do not find in them the necessary resources to do it satisfactorily because no one has taught them before.

5 steps for children to acquire these skills:

1. Not always making excuses for our children. We must not excuse bad behavior, much less praise it. Nor should it be considered exceptional behavior that should be habitual. For a child to behave correctly at the dinner table, it should be the norm. Just as I have on occasion witnessed a very misbehavior of a child in a restaurant, with only a slight correction from the parents, followed by the justification of "they are children's things"

2. They must take more responsibility. Children must assume that responsibility that parents deny them. It is vital for their development. Assign tasks and functions at home, and in other areas where they operate.

3. Offer them participation in family decisions. In a way, it supposes the introduction of the assembly model in the family group.

It would deal with sporadic family encounters to analyze and agree on some decisions about outings to shows, to places outside the city, vacations. Make other agreements such as schedules, games and free time, etc.

What is really important is that they make some decisions that are shared with the other members of the family. But it is not about establishing an assembly system for all family decisions. Parents cannot decline responsibilities and decisions that only concern them.

4. Obligations and personal and collective tasks.We should avoid giving them everything done. If it were up to us, we would do everything the child should do as one more way of sacrificing ourselves for him because of how much we love him. But this is not how it helps. Children should take on tasks that he can do for himself or to help others.

5. Teach them to have their own criteria. It is a difficult task, but we must help them to form their own criteria and thoughts, first about acts in the immediate environment, family, school, environment. Get used to analyze on nearby events in order to maintain autonomy of thought and security in future situations.

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