Ideas to decorate the house at Christmas

Ideas to decorate the house at Christmas

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It shows when the Christmas: We begin to see the window frames decorated with Christmas decorations, the lights are already ready to begin to shine, the nougats and marzipans have been filling the shelves of supermarkets for days ... This is when we started to think about the decor of our house.

If you don't want to decorate your house in the same way every year, maybe these ideas will help you. The best thing is that you take the time to do it with the children. They love to participate in the decoration of the house to receive one of the times of the year that they like the most: Christmas.

In we give you some ideas for decorate the house at Christmas.

It is really exciting to see their faces when they help us with the Christmas decorations and when they place the figurines at the nativity scene. How about preparing a tree with details prepared by yourself?

Here they go Five ideas to decorate the house with the children at Christmas:

1. You can cut out of cardboard or cardboard brightly colored stars, colored balls, figures like Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men and place them scattered hanging with their help.

2. The garlands perfectly decorate both walls, windows, the tree ... You can even hang sweets like lollipops and let him enjoy some of them on special days.

3. It's quite classic line some empty boxes as gifts with striking papers and put them under the tree or distributed in groups in some corners. Make it clear that they are empty so you don't get any surprises.

4. The front door of the house is the first impression that your visitors will receive. It is important to decorate it for example with a crown. There are many ideas on the net, simple or more complicated. You choose.

5. You can create curious details: For example, some painted clothespins with details cut out of paper. Something laborious but if the little one is older it is a craft ideal for these cold weekend afternoons. They will serve you to place the names of the diners for example. You just have to paint Christmas colors (red, silver, gold ...) wooden clothespins and stick a Christmas figure cut out on felt on one of its edges. For example, a star.

6. Also for the table some beautiful napkin rings or a special center will be a perfect complement to the foods relatives.

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