The moving story of the couple who adopted their friend's six children after dying of cancer

The moving story of the couple who adopted their friend's six children after dying of cancer

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When one opens aNewspaper seems to have opened Pandora's box.

The bad news happens through the pages of the newspaper, and it seems that the world is going to explode into a thousand pieces at any moment, but suddenly, one day, you find a news that restores hope in the human being, in which there is solidarity and unconditional love.

This is the case of Stephanie and her partner Donnie Culley, an American couple who decided to adopt, at the request of their terminally ill friend fromCancer, his six children.

The story did not look good at all, to Beth Laitkep, after several years struggling with the disease, the doctors gave her the sad news that there was nothing more they could do for her. So she didn't have to think about it much, she knew that the best option for her children to be cared for was to leave them for adoption to her friend Stephanie, who would take care of them with all her love.

The children havebetween 2 and 15 years, which is a real job for anyone, but still, the couple adopted them, and currently have them in temporary custody until they give them the final adoption.

For the children it has been hard to lose their mother, but they comment that the adoption has been better than they expected because they already knew their new parents, and that they feel supported by the rest of theirsiblings.

The truth is that not everyone can adopt, or be adopted. There are legal conditions for each country, and such a long waiting time that many future parents end up backing down. They have numerous questions in the air and many times they feel disoriented and do not know where to start.

1- Who can adopt?

- It depends on the legislation of each country.

- For example in Spain, either parent must be at least 25 years old.

- The age difference with the child must not be more than 40 years, nor less than 14.

- It does not matter your marital status, if you are married or single. But if you are a domestic partner, there must be a stable relationship, preferably of at least 2 years.

- Homosexuals have the most restricted adoption to the type of legislation of each country of adoption, since in many countries homosexual adoption is not allowed.

- Future parents must be in good physical, psychological and social condition, and able to take care of their financial needs and affective.

2- Who can be adopted?

- Only minors who are orphans, those whose parents cannot take care of them and give them up for adoption, or minors abused by their parents who have had their parental authority taken away by a judge.

3- Can you choose the sex of the baby?

- No. Just like we don't choose the sex of the biological baby.

4- Can you choose the breed?

- Yes. But it is valued negatively that the applicants demand a child with certain physical characteristics or social origin.

5- Is it free to adopt?

- Depends on the country. In the case of Spain, national adoptions are free but the waiting period is an average of 8 to 9 years. For this reason, international adoptions They are the most requested, since the time is reduced by half, but the price can range from 20,000 euros.

7- Can small babies be requested?

- It is very difficult for us to adopt a baby, since the wait is so long, usually the children are older. In the case of Spain, children are usually between 8 and 10 years old, while in China we can adopt 2 year old children.

8- Is there a limit of the child to adopt?

- No. It just depends on the support we have. In fact, in many countries the simultaneous adoption of groups of siblings.

9- What happens if the child is sick?

- Adoption is unconditional, and forever. Just as we can have sick natural children, we also have to assume and care for foster children who are sick.

What should be clear is that a child is not sought for the family, but a suitable family for the child.

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