Nursery Rhymes by Lope de Vega

Nursery Rhymes by Lope de Vega

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In Guiainfantil we have compiledseveral children's poems by Lope de Vega so that your children know a little more about the work of the illustrious poet. These poems are almost four hundred years old and, nevertheless, they are still valid today and your children are going to love them.

But, do you know who Lope de Vega was? Lope Felix de Vega Carpio He was born in Madrid in 1562. He studied in Madrid and in Alcalá. He was a precocious child since from early childhood he demonstrated a facility for letters. He had a life full of love affairs. He was a soldier, secretary to several diplomats and, finally, a priest. Regarding his literary production, Lope de Vega was a phenomenon of productivity.

Lope de Vega, wrote novels, dramas, poetry, in the Renaissance style. He was one of the initiators of the new ballads. In theirromances sing us his love affairs. He also wrote numerous glosses, romances, songs, triplets, idylls, and villains. He died in Madrid in 1635 and his remains are deposited in the Church of San Sebastián.

Here we show you several of his nursery rhymes so that your children can read this illustrious writer.

The cunning babe. La nena ctuta, a traditional children's poem by Lope de Vega. Classic authors of poetry to read with children. When to start children's poetry reading.

The rats. The mice, a children's poem written by Lope de Vega. Traditional poetry to recite with children. Children's poems to encourage reading.

The mornings. Las mañanicas, a traditional poem by Lope de Vega. Poetry reading for children. Children's literature. How to encourage reading among children.

A sonnet tells me to do Violante. Lope de Vega, a 16th century writer, wrote the poem A sonnet sends me to do Violante, a poem to teach poetry to children. In this poetry the author tells how a sonnet is written.

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