Dreaming that you are pregnant. Dream interpretation

Dreaming that you are pregnant. Dream interpretation

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One of the most common dreams among women, regardless of their age, is the fact of dreaming that you are pregnant. This subconscious situation can have many different interpretations.

Knowing the symbolism of our dreams is a difficult and difficult task since it is our experiences, our personality and our feelings that are represented in that dream world.

Experts offer us numerous and different interpretations of the fact of dreaming that you are pregnant:

1- Sometimes a woman who is looking forward to getting pregnant can have this vision while sleeping, which would reflect her desire to become a mom short term. It can also be a recurring dream in someone who feels the opposite, does not want to get pregnant, and would reflect their fears and fears of getting pregnant.

2- According to some interpretations, if we dream that we are pregnant and it really is, this would express the happiness generated by becoming moms, of being able to create a new life within us, although it could also reveal the usual anxiety and fears that the future mother may feel during pregnancy.

3- If we are not in state and we dream of being pregnant and we are happy, this can be associated with the well-being that a new situation that is brewing around usBe it a new job, a new romantic relationship, or a major change in our life for example. It also reveals a state of creativity in which we find ourselves and reveals maturity. According to some interpretations, it also symbolizes the need to do something new, to make our dreams come true.

4- However, if this state of pregnancy makes us feel bad in our dreams it can be a notice that new responsibilities are coming in our life and scare or dislike us.

5- If we dream of many pregnant women around us, this, according to experts, could be a premonition that something bad may happen or it can also symbolize luck in the economic aspect.

6- Sometimes we are not pregnant but in our dreams a family member or close friend appears in a state of good hope. This situation would reveal that we feel some envy for something that happens in this person's life either on a personal, work or emotional level. Other interpretations tell us that it could symbolize that we need emotional support.

7- Dreaming that we are pregnant with twins Without being pregnant, it can symbolize the desire to be surprised, for something different to happen in our lives that will take us out of the monotony.

8- We can also visualize in our dreams being pregnant and suffering an abortion, something that could betray in the case of being pregnant in real life, common fears or insecurities during pregnancy, or in the case of not being pregnant in real life, an omen of a project that we are carrying out and that could collapse.

9- Dreaming about the moment of childbirth in the case of being pregnant can symbolize the fears that that moment arrives or the insecurity before the arrival of our child. However, having this dream without being pregnant can be associated with fear of a responsibility that we have to face in a short period of time.

10- Men can dream about pregnancy too which would translate into a representation of his desire to become a father, or also the fear of new responsibilities.

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