Gingerbread house for Christmas step by step

Gingerbread house for Christmas step by step

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On our site, we propose a very nice activity to share with the children during the Christmas holidays: set up a house with gingerbread cookies.

Our Christmas gingerbread house recipe is very cheerful and colorful! It has a fir tree, a wonderful driveway, a garage, Christmas lights on the roof and even the stars are visible. The result is spectacular and we promise that you will spend some very pleasant moments together.


  • White, green, blue and yellow fondant
  • Red and blue color paste dyes
  • Caramel syrup
  • Silicone brush
  • A small jar of pasteurized egg whites
  • 450 g of icing sugar
  • 3 disposable piping bags
  • 1 medium round mouthpiece
  • Round red candy

Learn the step by step of this manual recipe, and then teach the children to assemble an original, sweet and tasty gingerbread house. See how it is made.

1. Follow our step by step to make the gingerbread cookie dough. Make a large rectangular dough and then cut the following measurements with the help of a knife:

- Measurements of the base: 12 cm long and 10 wide

- Front and back measurements: 7 cm long and 8 cm high

- Measurements of the sides: 8 cm long and 6 cm high.

- Roof measures: 9 cm long and 6 cm high. We cut out the templates and reserve.

2. When we cut the two templates that make up the roof, we will make two small holes, one in each upper corner, as indicated in the photo.

3. Bake on the tray (on parchment paper) for approximately 8 minutes, or until the edges begin to brown. We let them cool completely. We booked. Knead and stretch the white fondant. We pass the templates: Front, back and sides. Cut and stick it to the corresponding cookies with a little caramel syrup.

4. We do the same with the green fondant for the base, the fir tree and the crown. With the blue fondant for the roof; and with the yellow fondant for the shooting star. We booked.

5. In a bowl, beat 60 ml of pasteurized egg whites with electric stirrers until they are stiff. Add 250 g of sifted icing sugar and beat until the mixture has the texture of a yogurt. We divide the icing into two containers. We dye a part red; We fill a pastry bag and outline the cookies that make up the house.

We divide, again, the rest of the icing, fill a pastry bag with white icing. We paint the snow on the roof. We dye the remaining glaze blue and use it to paint the roof tiles. With the icing that remains, we glue the fir to the left side of the house; the crown on the front; and the shooting star on the right side of the roof. We let them dry completely.

6. We prepare icing again, this time with 30 ml of pasteurized egg whites and 200 g of icing sugar, sieved to make it thicker, since we are going to use it to join the cookies. To join them, we must paint the four edges of the two side cookies. We place them on the base and then glue the front and back. We hold the cookies for a few minutes until they stand on their own.

We let it harden. Now we paint the edges that form the peaks of the front and back. We put the roof. We keep a few minutes and seal well with the remaining icing. We let it harden between four tube glasses so that it is well attached.

7. Finally, we place strips of white fondant on the roof and on the edges of it, as if it were snow. We glue the jelly beans and tie a bow in the holes.

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