The 5 most important problems of children in the schoolyard

The 5 most important problems of children in the schoolyard

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The schoolyard is the first place where children learn social skills without parental supervision. Recreation is a micro-society where the little ones begin to interact, organize themselves in groups, learn to negotiate, share, etc.

Above all, the schoolyard is a place of fun and leisure that, through play, intervenes as an important space in the child's socialization process. But, it is also a place where conflicts can arise, these are lThe biggest problems in the schoolyard.

The free time that children spend in the schoolyard brings multiple benefits. It is a moment that serves as a rest for the little ones and also has a great educational importance that contributes to their development.

- It will be a place where children can develop your imagination and creativity inventing games, rules and playing different roles.

- It will help them develop games in which they have to work as a team.

- Being in continuous movement will give you benefits to your health.

However, just as it brings so many benefits, the opposite can happen. Children spend a lot of time each week on the playground throughout the week and that leads to various coexistence problems that may arise.

1- Bad distribution of space. The benefits that free time on the playground can bring to children cannot be effective without adequate space. Most of the schoolyards respond to the needs of 40 years ago. Society is changing and recreational spaces remain the same. Where 80% of the space is occupied by football. Anyone who does not like this sport will automatically go to the marginalized group. There are also studies showing that this outdated distribution implies that boys occupy almost 3 times more space than girls Something is changing, but there is still a lot of work to be done and in many schools the transformation of the playground into a more natural and educational where other types of activities and sports can be carried out.

2- Abuses of power. The schoolyard is a place where the abuse of power by older children with younger children increases, by boys who use more space with girls, where negative leaders can appear, who are those who exercise their leadership from their own need of being the center of attention and standing out and using others as a means to achieve this. This type of negative leadership is often unknowingly driven by families who encourage the child to be the best.

3- Bullying. This last point can lead children to be bullies or suffer bullying. Children who seek to be leaders above all do not use empathy. Their tools are usually physical attacks, insults and threats. This will give strength to the negative type of leader and will make those who suffer it can be separated from the group. Parents have to promote positive leadership in their children where their charisma is strengthened from empathy, solidarity and help towards others. That the leader enhance the abilities of others instead of blowing them up to stand out.

4- The corrective supervision of the teacher. The teacher is the adult called to supervise everything that happens in the schoolyard. In this space the teacher has the opportunity to develop skills that allow them to know the social development of students within their educational process. The problem comes when this supervision is done in a corrective manner, that is, the authoritarianism tries to find the problem in order to solve it but without focusing on the cause of it.

5- Where are the values. From a few years to now, there is a feeling that there are more problems among children when it comes to relating to the lack of basic education norms and values. It costs more to apologize, ask permission etc. And there is even a feeling in children that they have all the rights but no responsibility for their actions. What affects the relationships that appear within the micro-society that is created in the schoolyard.

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