How to make a surprise cracker for the end of the year with the children

How to make a surprise cracker for the end of the year with the children

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Do you know Chinese fortune cookies? When you open them, you discover a hidden message. Well, we are going to use that idea to make a very original and fun cracker. for the end of the year, although you can also do it for any other celebration, such as a birthday party.

It is an ideal activity to do with the children on Christmas holidays and talk with them about values ​​such as generosity. Remember that in the cracker they can hide a surprise gift. We explain how to make a surprise cracker for the end of the year with the children.


  • A roll of toilet paper
  • Double sided tape
  • Pair of scissors
  • Gold patent leather paper
  • Red tissue paper
  • Gold ribbon
  • Jingle bells
  • Confetti and candies

1. The first thing you have to do is cut the roll of paper in half.

2. Now we will use double sided tape, and we are going to glue it on the ends, just on the outside of each half of the roll.

3. Since it is a double sided tape, you have this other adhesive part. Remove the protective paper, because now you will have to stick a piece of gold patent paper on top. Both at one end and the other. This will serve to pull the cracker well when we have it ready.

4. Now you stick a strip of double-sided tape back on the other end of each half of the toilet paper roll. We join one with another through the adhesive tape area. And we cover it with red patent leather paper. Measure the distance to find out how much paper to cut. Since the tape you glued is double-sided, remove the piece of paper that covers it again and now stick each roll on one of the parts of the piece of red patent paper that you cut out. Remember that the length has to be enough to go around the perimeter of the roll.

5. Cut a piece of gold ribbon and tie one end like candy.

6. Fill your cracker or firecracker with confetti, candies and whatever gift you want. In our case, we will enter a secret message.

7. Cut another piece of gold ribbon and tie the other end of the gift firecracker. You already have it! Ready to surprise whoever you want!

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