Main course recipes to take advantage of leftovers

Main course recipes to take advantage of leftovers

By eating a balanced diet our children will have the supply of nutrients they need to grow up healthy. For this it is convenient to plan a weekly menu, organize the purchase and the preparation of the dishes. This will also help children get used to respecting it.

However, sometimes, whether due to family parties or other circumstances, there is a lot of food left over. Throwing away those leftovers is so sad that we suggest you make them rich dishes and recipes to take advantage of leftovers and not waste any food.

With chicken, turkey or meat that you have left over from a stew you can make delicious dishes that your children will love. They are recycling recipes because in our kitchen ... nothing is thrown away!

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Fish croquettes. Simple recipes are the most successful, so we suggest some fish croquettes, a quick and healthy dinner for children. Fish croquettes recipe for children. We teach you to prepare, step by step, some hake croquettes or other white fish.

Cannelloni De San Esteban. San Esteban cannelloni are a traditional Catalan recipe that is prepared on December 26 to take advantage of the remains of the Christmas meal. A recipe for children to learn not to waste food and enjoy this delicious dish.

Cod croquettes. Cod croquettes are a classic in Portuguese cuisine. Also, it is a good way to serve fish to children. our site offers you a very traditional, quick and very simple recipe on how to prepare delicious fish croquettes for children.

Chicken And Spinach Lasagna. We teach you how to make a very easy recipe for chicken lasagna with spinach for children. A nutritious and very healthy recipe for dinner or children's lunch. Easy, practical and quick recipe to prepare. The combination of its ingredients makes this recipe a special dish.

Meatloaf with potatoes. Meat pies can be made in different ways, but this time we suggest a base of mashed potatoes. A light recipe for children's lunch or dinner.

Chicken fajitas. Chicken Fajitas recipe, traditional Mexican food for kids. Traditional Mexican recipes for children. our site offers us a recipe for chicken fajitas to cook with children.

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