Why cats chase mice. Kid stories

Why cats chase mice. Kid stories

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Douwil and Morthiguer it's a precious Éphémère's tale that surround the child in the magical world of spells, enchantments and dragons.

Through this story we can give a fun explanation to the children of why do cats chase mice, and why dragons no longer exist.

A tale that has been recorded from father to son throughout the centuries.

Once upon a time there was, in the days of the queer, a magician named Morthiguen who lived at the top of an immense tower located on Mount Fiero.

In those years the dragons flew over the towns and fields as if they were birds, and they soared the skies day and night, embittering the lives of those who lived on earth, although especially the cats.

Cats were their weakness, and they had fun chasing them around and constantly harassing them.

The magician Morthiguer liked to be alone in his tower, he did not like to be disturbed when he was doing his spells and magical tasks. But one day, the magician Morthiguen was experimenting with his potions and ointments, heard a slight sound that made you uncomfortable. It was a continuous murmur and plaintiveSo the magician decided to go to the door, where the noise was, and see what was so annoying.

Opening the door he found a kitten shaking cold that meowed to ask for asylum inside the tower. The magician picked it up and named it Douwil.

Douwil and Morthiguen they became inseparable and the magician could not imagine a day without him.

One hot day the magician went out to look for new herbs to make a secret potion, and left the tower door open for fresh air. Douwil hadn't been outside in a long time, so he went for a walk.

However, a dragon was flying over the sky, and when it saw it, it decided to scare the poor minimum, and when it got tired of it, it spat a great blaze that ended its life.

Morthiguer on returning to the tower found his poor charred cat on a stone, and vowed revenge on the dragons.

He locked himself in his tower and did not come out until he devised a spell to destroy the dragons.

One moonless night, the magician climbed on top of a rocky peak and uttered his enchantment.

All the dragons began to squirm and shrink. Their tail became thin, their wings fell off their bodies, and their little body became full of hair. The dragons disappeared forever, of them only a few small animals called mice that ran everywhere.

Cats since then, chase mice in order to get revenge, and only elephants remember that once those mice were imposing dragons, that's why when they get close they start to tremble with fear.

Reading comprehension is one of the important steps that children take in the learning to read. It's not just about understanding each word, but the entire text.

To find out if your child has a good reading comprehension, you can ask them these simple questions about the story:

- What did Morthiguer hear at the door of his tower?

- What name did you give it?

- Why did the cat come out of the tower?

- What happened to poor Douwil?

- What did dragons become?

- Why are elephants afraid of mice?

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