The reasons why children are afraid of the dentist

The reasons why children are afraid of the dentist

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“You don't have to know danger to be afraid. In fact, unknown dangers inspire the most fear ”(Alexander Dumas). This phrase has been my inspiration to talk about a topic that is still very present, and that is, the high percentage of children and adults who continue to fear the dentist, and in some cases it can unfortunately turn into a true phobia. Which is a bit contradictory, if we think about the advances that have occurred in recent years with everything related to the field of pain and dental treatments.

One of theexplanations weight is that, in a vast majority of cases, it is associated with anegative childhood experience, and that leads to dental trauma that is reflected in adulthood.

In the specific case of children, this fear of the dentist may be due toVarious reasons:

- The inevitable and innate fear they have of whata stranger.

- The fear of the dentist coming from the attitude with which manyparents face their own fears, and how your children see you react to them.

- Fear related to abad experience dental, which can develop in them in a picture of anxiety / phobia to the dentist.

Therefore, my mission today is to give you a series oftips to face visits to the dentist with your children from aIn a positive way, and maybe, who knows if we will get the day when dentists have a good reputation in the future.

1. Create atrust triangle between the parents, the child and the dentist. Therefore, make going to the consultation become ahabit, as with visits to the pediatrician. Remember, the first visit should take place during the first year of life.

2. When you are in the cabinet with your child, avoid phrases that unconsciously provoke negative thoughts from children to the dentist, such as' they will not hurt you ',' they will not prick you ',' calm down, they will not nothing bad happen. ' Have arelaxed and positive attitude it will make the child accept better and more quickly this new situation that he faces. And of course, never use "going to the dentist" as athreat, with phrases like 'if you don't brush your teeth, they will have to be removed', 'if you don't pay attention to what they say, they will hurt you'.

3. Make sure that the professional who sees your child is a dentist specialized inchildren's dentistry, since it is the Pediatric Dentist who has the ability to guide the child to cooperate, relax and finally achieve thetrust enough to get through this dental experience in a positive way.

4. Also ensure that the clinic's space and staff arespecialized in children.

5. Keep aperiodicity dental visits, that the Pediatric Dentist becomes the person responsible for creating health in your child's mouth, not for curing the disease. That is, take your child to the dentist so he never has cavities. Therefore, look for professionals who are specialists in Children's Dentistry based on early education.

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