Why a child should never skip breakfast

Why a child should never skip breakfast

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Current dietary recommendations suggest that breakfast should provide 25% of the daily energy for the child to maintain both adequate physical and intellectual activity, and it is a great habit that we can promote, mainly by example, in our little ones. What's more, it is one of the foods that must always be done, we will tell you why a child should never skip breakfast.

- There is no formula or ideal breakfast, although the child should be encouraged to eat breakfast every day, sitting quietly and in a pleasant environment. As much as possible, enjoy this family time, even if only on weekends, it is a great way for children to observe and learn from their elders.

- Although the latest studies show that breakfast is not as important as suggested, the truth is that going to school without having eaten any food and continuing until lunch time, can harm your child's blood sugar levels, affecting both their physical and intellectual performance, not counting the effect it can have on their character, since an empty stomach is related to bad mood and even aggressiveness.

- In addition, the body, during the prolonged night fast, activates its emergency metabolism due to lack of nutrients, accumulating energy in the form of fats and without breakfast, this alert state is maintained increasing reserve fats.

- As if this were not enough, arrive very hungry at lunchtime, encourages you to eat more and faster, causing heavier and more gassy digestions and increasing the risk of being overweight and obese.

Children's attitude towards breakfast is usually directly related to the quality of their night's rest. Normally, a child who gets enough sleep is in a better mood and is open to doing his morning chores, having breakfast, getting dressed… with more joy, which relaxes the stress of these hours. With a good rest and a good breakfast we promote a good mood and healthy eating habits, and if we also offer a balanced snack, it is even easier to ensure that you consume a correct diet throughout the day because you do not arrive at the main meals hungry and anxiety.

Breakfast should not be overly large, but it should Take into account the overnight fast and replenish enough energy to face the new day. For children, a breakfast consisting of:

- Dairy, which provide calcium and protein.

- Cereals or bread, containing carbohydrates, preferably complex.

- Fiber and some fruit - better avoid juice, even natural juice - to nutritionally complete the meal with its contribution of vitamins.

Industrial pastries should be avoided and homemade pastries, breakfast cereals and sliced ​​bread should be controlled in favor of other, healthier cereals, such as loaf bread.

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