Gifts for pregnant women on Valentine's Day

Gifts for pregnant women on Valentine's Day

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On Valentine's Day, the expectant mother is the protagonist. Declare your love in him Valentine's Day It is the key to making her the happiest woman in the world, but if you also tell her with a better than better gift. At this moment she is pregnant, carries your child inside her and is in a very delicate moment on an emotional level. For this reason, getting the gift right is very important.

Below you will find a selection of ideas Among which to choose to give to the pregnant woman on this special day and, of course, some suggestions not to fail, that is, what you should never give a pregnant woman on Valentine's Day.

1. Photo session. An album with digital or paper photos of the development of the pregnancy can be a perfect gift for her. If it is at the beginning you can start it with the first ones, those of the first trimester, but if it is in the second or third trimester, you can complete it step by step, even with the ultrasounds.

2. Flowers. Little original, but always a success. With a bouquet of flowers, as long as they are her favorites, you can tell your girl that you love her to make her happy.

3. Romantic dinner. Nothing better than going out to dine by candlelight to express to the expectant mother your happiness for the baby you expect.

4. Jewelry.Pendants, rings, bracelets ... are ideal for Record. Valentine's Day invites you to express your love and nothing better than to say it with a jewel where you put how much you love it. If your pocket does not allow you a gift of value, opt for simple pieces, with a message, resort to costume jewelery or create them yourself looking for a heart with the baby's name, a pendant with the word mom or an amulet with the baby's birth month.

5. Travel. Surprise your partner with a romantic trip or a escape weekend. This intimate atmosphere, very valuable before the baby's arrival, is a unique opportunity that you will never forget. It is becoming more and more fashionable. Even in the United States it already has its own name: it is called babymoon.

6. Chocolate. Chocolates are an appetizing gift that never fails. Choose your favorites, dark chocolate, filled with truffle, with fruit, with mint ... The detail in the choice will let you know that only she was in your head at the time of the choice. However, before opting for a sweet gift make sure you can eat it, that she is not diabetic or that her blood sugar has not risen during pregnancy.

7. Pleasure and relaxation. A session of spa For both of them, an afternoon of massages or facial beauty, manicures and pedicures often delight the pregnant mother, who is resisting major changes in her body. Let yourself be carried away by the 100% romance between bubbles.

8. Books. Pregnant women are very curious about the whole process of pregnancy and the birth of the baby. Some title related to pregnancy can be a perfect gift.

9. Music. The Relaxing music for mom and baby it's a great idea that you can use both now during your pregnancy and later to soothe your baby. It has been proven that if the baby hears sounds that are familiar to him because he has already heard them in the womb, they calm down earlier and help them to fall asleep.

10. Pillow. A pregnancy rest cushion or pillow can comfort pregnant moms, who often have trouble falling asleep due to the volume of their growing tummy.

1. Perfumes. The pregnant woman is very sensitive to strong odors and some can cause discomfort. Some pregnant women have not been able to continue using their perfume of a lifetime during pregnancy.

2. Gift for the baby. Remember that she is the protagonist and she will like much more to receive a gift for her, even if you already want your baby in you and are thinking about your trousseau and the baby basket.

3. Lingerie. Pregnant women are sexy and beautiful, but some after having undergone so many changes in their body do not look like that. Although they have a unique shine that makes them especially attractive, do not take a chance with lingerie.

4. Clothes for after delivery. It is preferable not to face the issue of sizes on a day as special as Valentine's Day. Let her buy it for her, and let her choose her clothes at all times.

5. Food you can't eat. Sweets if you have diabetes, ham if you have not passed toxoplasmosis or raw foods like sushi, unpasteurized cheeses, may not be the most suitable gift on Valentine's Day.

6. Activities you cannot do. Visits to amusement parks, escapes to the snow, sailing courses or scuba diving.... Better for another time.

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