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Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) is a washed-up musician from the 80s boy band 'Pop'. He now makes his living by appearing at local fairs and sideshows. Still adored by older women, he is also a hero to current pop phenomenon Cora Corman (Hayley Bennett) who wants him to write a song for her. Alex has been separated from his song-writing partner Colin for 15 years and is reluctant to take up the job. He is convinced by his manager Chris Riley (Brad Garrett) to do it. This is because Alex is in a dire financial position.

Alex finds a lyricist in the unlikely person of Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore), his zany plant lady, who has a natural flair for writing. Although Sophie is still getting over a previous relationship, the musical partnership turns into a love affair.


None of concern


  • Alex gets into a fight with Sloan Cates (Campbell Scott), Sophie's former lover.
  • Women fight each other to get to the front of the stage.

Content that may disturb children

Under 5

Children in this age group would probably not be interested in the story in the first place. Also, they might be scared by a scene towards the end of the movie. This shows the opening of a concert with extremely loud noise and flames.

Over 5

There is nothing in this movie likely to disturb children in this age group.

Sexual references

  • Cora Corman is portrayed as a sex object wearing a very scant costume. Her routine involves men touching her all over her body. In one provocative dance, she lies down and touches her breasts.
  • In a later scene, Sophie refers to Cora's dance act as an orgasm.
  • Alex also dances provocatively with exaggerated, gyrating hips. This sends women wild - they all want to touch him.
  • Sophie tells her older sister, who is madly in love with Alex, that she has slept with him.

Alcohol, drugs and other substances

  • Characters consume alcohol in a restaurant.
  • Describing his past, Alex says he used drugs and alcohol to get over his loss of fame.
  • In one scene a reference is made to pop stars and drug use.

Nudity and sexual activity

Alex and Sophie wake up in bed together, after kissing passionately the night before. They appear to be naked, although nothing is actually shown.

Product placement

The soft drink Coca Cola is used in this movie.

Coarse language

This movie contains frequent very mild coarse language.

Ideas to discuss with your children

Music and Lyrics is an entertaining romantic comedy that will appeal to adolescents. This movie could give you the opportunity to discuss with teenage children the portrayal of young women in the music industry as sex objects.